Stop Using Conditional Statements Everywhere in JavaScript, Use an Object Literal instead

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Object Literals

const obj = {
first_name: 'Neelesh',
last_name: 'Arora'
// An example of an object literal

How can we use Object Literal as a replacement to Conditional Statements?

return 'Kitten'
} else if(animal.toLowerCase()=='cattle'){
return 'Calf'
} else if(animal.toLowerCase()==='cheetah'){
return 'Cub';
} else if(animal.toLowerCase()==='dog'){
return 'Pup';
} else{
return "I don't know that"
case 'cat': return 'Kitten'
case 'cattle': return 'Calf'
case 'cheetah': return 'Cub'
case 'dog': return 'Pup'
default: return "I don't know that"
const babyAnimal = {
return babyAnimal[animal.toLowerCase()] ?? "I don't know that"




Software Engineer | Full Stack / Back-end Developer |

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Neelesh Arora

Neelesh Arora

Software Engineer | Full Stack / Back-end Developer |

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